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High Temperature Plastics Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2013 - 2019

High Temperature Plastics Market Plastic materials are required to sustain specified service conditions at their application base. Usually, if a plastic is capable of sustaining the service temperature above 150°C; it is industrially termed as high temperature plastic. These materials are dimensionally stable and show excellent mechanical properties over wide range of temperature. Those mechanical properties include resistance to wear, abrasion and hardness etc. Some other properties are good electrical insulation characteristics, resistance to UV, resistance to fire and chemical resistance. These materials require very little or in some case no addition of additives. Some of these materials can be machined easily.

On the basis of product segment there are following materials which comes under high temperature plastics; polyimides, fluoropolymers, liquid crystal polymers, high performance polyamides, polyphenylene sulfides, polysulfones, polyketones and others. Because of its excellent thermo-mechanical properties, it has application in several industries such as aerospace, chemical, automobile, electrical/electronics, industrial, medical and other. 

The aerospace industry utilizes its excellent abrasion and shock wave properties and light weight in sensors coatings etc. Chemical, automotive and industrial applications use chemical resistance, heat resistance, machine ability etc. whereas medical products which are to be sterilized can be manufactured with heat resistance plastics. These plastics are majorly consumed in regions such as Europe, Asia-Pacific, North America and RoW.

The major driving factor for this market is growth of aerospace industry. Expected growth of coating industry will also create demand for high temperature coating materials. Aerospace industry requires materials which are light in weight and can be used at higher temperatures. Another driving factor is the growing use of plastics as a replacement to metal in machine parts such as pulley, gears etc. These are comparatively costly material hence; cost of high temperature plastics may restrict the market. Automotive engine parts made up of composites having high temperature plastics is expected to be one of the future trends.

Eastman Chemical Company, Celanese Corporation, Daicel Chemical Industries Ltd., BASF SE, Rhodia Engineering Plastics, The Dow Chemical Company, Arkema SA and Bayer Material Science AG are some of the leading manufacturers.

This research report analyzes this market depending on its market segments, major geographies, and current market trends. Geographies analyzed under this research report include 

  • North America 
  • Asia Pacific 
  • Europe
  • Rest of the World  

This report provides comprehensive analysis of 

  • Market growth drivers 
  • Factors limiting market growth
  • Current market trends 
  • Market structure
  • Market projections for upcoming years 

This report is a complete study of current trends in the market, industry growth drivers, and restraints. It provides market projections for the coming years. It includes analysis of recent developments in technology, Porter’s five force model analysis and detailed profiles of top industry players. The report also includes a review of micro and macro factors essential for the existing market players and new entrants along with detailed value chain analysis. 

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