Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Crude Oil Market - Global industry size, share, trends, analysis, and forecasts 2012 - 2018

Crude Oil MarketDue to the cost effectiveness of the refining process and the number of products recovered from crude oil, the market has been experiencing significant growth since the past few years. 

This trend is expected to continue for some more years due to the increasing use of crude oil in a variety of industrial applications. Various products can be recovered from crude oil during the refining process at different temperatures. Naphtha and gasoline are recovered at lower temperatures, while kerosene and diesel are recovered at middle temperatures

Crude Oil Industry Segmentation 

Crude oil market segmentation based on product type:

  • Crude Cotton Seed Oil 
  • Crude Linseed Oil
  • Crude Soybean Oil
  • Crude Peanut Oil
  • Crude Palm Oil
  • Crude Corn Oil
  • Crude Coconut Oil
  • Crude Sunflower Oil
  • Crude Mustard Oil

This research report on the crude oil market analyzes different market segments and major regions. It is a complete study providing detailed information about trend analysis, market growth drivers, factors affecting industry growth, and market projections for the coming years. This report includes analysis of recent technological developments, Porter’s five force analysis, and complete profiles of top market players. It will also include a review of the micro and macro factors essential for the existing market players and new entrants along with detailed value chain analysis. 

The major regions analyzed under this research study are North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the Rest of the World. 

The major players of the crude oil industry are Shandong ChemSta Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Zhengzhou Dingsheng Machine Manufacturing Co. Ltd., OOO Oil-Garant, PT Asia Musimas, KuaiKuai, P.T. Agra and Sons Trading Company, Berzcul Company Limited, Treasure Crude Oil Company, Nam Bee Company Sdn. Bhd., Zao Interneft, Ovinvich Trading Company, and others. 

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